Antarctica–for real

Antarctica, november 2007

We just booked a vacation that has been at the top of my bucket list for years. The seventh continent. (Although it’s actually only my sixth continent–eventually Africa will be my seventh continent, but no one calls Africa the seventh continent.) Next winter, I will be going to Antarctica with my husband and my uncle. It all came about after a random conversation at my dad’s funeral, of all places, a month ago. And now we are doing it.

The trip we decided on is a 13-day expedition that includes crossing the Antarctic Circle in February 2015, leaving from the tip of South America, on a ship that carries about 100 passengers.

“Excited” doesn’t convey how I actually feel. I have been OUT OF MY EVERLOVING MIND. Penguins! Icebergs! Seals! Whales! MORE PENGUINS!

Is this really happening??


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