I didn’t realize how often I did this

I can’t promise that these photos aren’t going to show up in some of the daily reports, but I thought they were funny together as a set too.

Posing for the “I am here” shot always looks so dull when the person just dangles their arms at their side. So I don’t like to do that. The result is that I have thrown my arms up all over Antarctica to make this exact same photo over and over. LOL.
me-armsup-01 me-armsup-02 me-armsup-03 me-armsup-04 me-armsup-05 me-armsup-06 me-armsup-07

I’m back!

Gentoo penguin who looks like he's hitchhiking

“The hitchhiker”

We are back, and it was amazing.

I do not even know where to begin. Words will never be able to do the trip–or the place–justice, but over the coming weeks, I’m going to try to convey something of what the experience was like for me. It may take me a few days (or weeks), because I have to wrap my head around how to get started sharing pictures and stories.

I’ll be back soon; in the meantime, if there are any specific things you want to hear about, let me know!

Pre-trip briefing

quark employee briefing passengers on embarkation procedures

Tonight we had our briefing with the Quark ground guy here, who explained embarkation procedures. We set sail around 6pm tomorrow night, sailing out of the Beagle Channel, which takes a few hours. We will hit open water (i.e., the Drake Passage) around midnight. He let us know that once we’re on the ship they will tell us “how to prepare your cabin for the night” (not to have things loose, etc.) and he prepped us on when to take seasickness meds. (The patch–apply around the time of embarkation; the pills–take around dinner time.)

I probably will not manage to update this blog while we are on the ship. But I will post again once we are back in Ushuaia at the end of the trip. Ciao for now!

Tierra del Fuego


We made it to Ushuaia with no problems. Landing here was amazing…flying in low over all the gorgeous mountain peaks. Yesterday we spent the day in the Tierra del Fuego National Park hiking.


It is funny that this sign randomly gives the distance to Alaska, because our next big trip after this one happens to be to Alaska.


The bus takes you in to the park and drops you at one of a couple of spots, then picks you up again at one of those spots a few hours later. The busses that pick you up come every two hours. The map we had gotten at the entrance was not the best, and that coupled with the fact that we weren’t actually sure at which spot on the map we were dropped off, we spent an hour or two totally confused as we hiked. We eventually hiked enough that we figured out where we were, and we were able to get to one of the pick-up spots. While we were having lunch, we met two other Americans hiking who asked us, “Do you know where we are on this map?”

The planning is over

suitcases packed for antarcticaWe are outta here! I’m kind of out of my mind with excitement!

Green backpack has my clothes. Black backpack has Jeff’s clothes. Black rolling carry-on has camera gear. Gray tote bag has random carry-on items like book, neck pillow, eye mask for airplane, etc.

I expect to have internet while we’re in Ushuaia, so I’ll probably update from there before we board the ship. Internet on the ship will be spotty so I don’t know if I’ll manage to update anything while we’re actually there, but I will try.