I’m honored to have some of my photos of penguins and seals featured today on Parade.com’s Daily Cute. I mean, that guy above is super cute, right? And you don’t know how hard it was not to reach down and pet the fuzzy little penguin chicks who walked right up to us.

They post a lot of cute animals, so if you go to this site, you may not get anything else done for the next hour. (And thanks, Daily Cute, for the feature!)

I’m working on more posts now, but what else about this trip are you interested in knowing about? I know I need to post a review of what I packed—what I used, what I didn’t, what I’d do different. Though now that the Antarctic season is over there’s probably no rush on that one. No one’s going that way for a few more months.


  1. Pepper April 16, 2015


    Yes, yes, yes there is a rush….please do a post NOW (pretty please) on what you packed (and didn’t use, plus brands if you are so inclined) by way of clothes/gear as I’m shopping end-of-season for our January 2016 trip (Quark Ocean Endeavour: Crossing the Circle: Southern Expedition). 😀

    I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself. But! I’m managing to keep myself pretty tightly contained so as to not make friends and family crazy.

    In closing, I’m really enjoying checking my email and seeing a blog update notification. Great pics and writing! Congrats on getting selected for the Daily Cute!

    • Karen April 16, 2015

      You will LOVE IT! And you’re smart to shop the end-of-season sales. I will do a review of my packing list soon. Did you see my (pre-trip) post about what I was packing? http://66degrees.karenjacot.com/layers-layers-layers/ I’ll include some extra stuff in my follow-up post, like the fact that I took a bunch of those hand-warmer things and didn’t ever use a single one.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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