Getting closer

Patagonia Store on Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

The Patagonia store in Boulder, where I did a bunch of shopping over Christmas

So with T minus 17 days until we depart for points south, I feel simultaneously like I’ve got things under control (we have the stuff we need) and like I’m racing against the clock to prepare (making sure everything fits, making sure everything does what we think it will do, yada yada yada). I can’t believe this trip is happening so soon. That it’s happening at all. That in less than a month I am going to be in Antarctica, with icebergs and penguins and seals and whales.

About to do our trial run-through of packing to make sure we’ve really got everything we think we have. Temperature-wise, it doesn’t sound that bad. Temps mostly in the 30s and 40s on average. But windiest place on earth. I’m packing a lot of things I don’t usually wear. I’m going to do a packing post soon detailing exactly what I am bringing.

I’ve got a few photography-related things still to organize. My plan is to download cards at least once a day to two drives. I will shoot on dual cards in each camera but may have to reuse cards. I have a total of 352gb of cards–4 x 64gb, 2 x 32gb, and 2 x 16gb. I’m hoping to leave every image on at least one card until we get back, even if I have to reuse one of the cards in a pair.

I don’t plan to process much of anything while we’re there. Won’t be time for that. But I’ll probably pick a handful of photos to process for sharing on FB if I can manage to get an internet connection and to share with the passenger slideshow that I have heard about.

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