Tierra del Fuego


We made it to Ushuaia with no problems. Landing here was amazing…flying in low over all the gorgeous mountain peaks. Yesterday we spent the day in the Tierra del Fuego National Park hiking.


It is funny that this sign randomly gives the distance to Alaska, because our next big trip after this one happens to be to Alaska.


The bus takes you in to the park and drops you at one of a couple of spots, then picks you up again at one of those spots a few hours later. The busses that pick you up come every two hours. The map we had gotten at the entrance was not the best, and that coupled with the fact that we weren’t actually sure at which spot on the map we were dropped off, we spent an hour or two totally confused as we hiked. We eventually hiked enough that we figured out where we were, and we were able to get to one of the pick-up spots. While we were having lunch, we met two other Americans hiking who asked us, “Do you know where we are on this map?”

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